How to Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

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Your subject line must make your email stand out from the flood of emails in your inbox. But, trying to come up with some 50 characters to summarize what your email is about can be difficult.

How can something so small as a subject line make or break the success of your email campaigns? Well, if the subject line doesn't catch your prospects' attention, then they're not opening, not clicking and not buying. So, here are some tips to writing the most effective subject lines and increase your open rates.

• Keep them short and sweet. Emails with subject lines of 35 characters or less had a 24 percent open rate compared to those longer subject lines with an average open rate of 17 percent. Get to the point and grab their attention, recipients will comprehend what your email is about faster with shorter subject lines.
• Personalize. Each email should connect personally to the recipient. If the subject is generalized it has a lesser chance of being opened. If you know your recipient's first name, use it in the subject line. Example: "John, here's your April eBusiness Newsletter"
• Show urgency in your subjects. Words like "now", "ends tonight", and "last day" create a sense of urgency for your recipients. If they feel like they will miss out on something good they are more likely to open your email and see what they might miss out on.
• Be creative. Research what others are doing and use it to tailor your emails to your company. With more and more marketers using email marketing these days you have to find ways to stick out without being spammed. So, sign up to other email newsletters for some inspiration.

• Never use the word FREE! Although the word "free" has been proven to increase response rates in marketing materials, when used in email subject lines, spam filters catch it before it even enters your recipients' inbox.
• Don't guess, test. Run an A/B split test with two different subject lines and compare your open rates.
• Don't let your subject lines fail because they don't invite the recipient to open. According to Forrester Research, most subject lines fail to provide the value the user will experience by opening the message. If they don't feel enticed to see what's behind the click than why should they open your email?
• Don't forget about CAN-SPAM compliance. If your email can't even make it into your recipient's inbox then you have 100% chance that they aren't going to read it. Find out what the compliances are and follow them. Being blacklisted will hurt your results greater than spending the time checking for CAN-SPAM compliancy.

So you have the do's and don'ts, now what?

Put them to work! Email marketing is among the fastest-growing, most cost-effective and most powerful marketing tools in use today. Don't make your audience guess what your email is about. Be clear and specific in your subject lines and you'll instantly increase your open rates.

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How to Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

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This article was published on 2010/03/31